Taste, walk, cycle and party

La Vie en Roses is located in the peaceful oasis of the "Faluintjes-region". You can walk and cycle to one's heart's content. At the Affligem Abbey you can catch your breath. Don't forget to set foot in Aalst, the wonderful city famous for carnaval.

The Abbey of Affligem

The eyecatcher of the "Faluintjes-region" is the Benedictine Abbey of Aflligem. It was founded in 1062 en has a very rich history. Today about twenty priests are staying in the abbey, which has developed into a cultural and religious centre. You can have a drink or a meal in "Gasthof d'Oude Brouwerij" which means old brewery. The Affligem beer, originally brewed in the Abbey is now brewed in Affligem Brewery BDS in Opwijk.

"Faluintjes" in the forest

The four "Faluintjes-villages" are Baardegem, Meldert, Herdersem and Moorsel. La Vie en Roses is located in the latter. It was originally an area covered with forests and fields on the border of Meldert and Moorsel. The name "Faluintjes" is thought to come from "falaën", an old French word which means: a deserted and swampy region which was made accessible by throwing bushels of wood on those swampy areas. It is also possible that the name could refer to the French word 'falun': an old shell bank which could be explained by the rich amount of fossils in the ground. More information about the area: Heemkundige Kring De Faluintjes.

Walking routes

Do you feel like going for a walk? We must recommend the route "Door de Faluintjes naar het Kravaalbos". The castle of Moorsel is the starting point as wel as the finishing point. It's a castle surrounded by a moat built in the 16th Century by Karel Van Croy. The castle is beautifully renovated. Enjoy the courtyard, the ponds and the park. Make sure to look up when you are in the "Kravaal-forest" so you don't miss the long-eared-owl and the buzzard and don't forget to greet Bambi and his friends.

Check the walking route: Door de Faluintjes naar het Kravaalbos.

Cycling routes

Denderende Stedenroute
La Vie en Roses is situated in the cycling network of Scheldeland close to the "Denderende Stedenroute" four theme tours, each approximately 40 km. An advantage of this route is that you can follow the river ?Dender? from "Dendermonde" to "Geraardsbergen" and this practically non-stop car-free. It gives cyclists the opportunity to visit the four cities: Dendermonde, Aalst, Ninove and Geraardsbergen.

You can order a brochure with more information at Tourism of East-Flanders.

Ros Beiaardroute
This route connects Dendermonde with the green banks of the river Dender and the river Schelde, picturesque villages like Vlassenbroek and Wieze, rural towns like Denderbelle and Peizegem and the mysterious forest of Buggenhout. In Brabant the route follows a part of the Leirekensroute: an old railroadtrack which is now used for walking and cycling.

Make sure to check out the map before you start.

Giants' route
Hardly any traffic, cycling on the side embankments of the Schelde and the Dender and lot's of café's along the way.

Check out the map.

Buggenhoutse cyclingroute
Buggenhout, known as the green oasis, has 4 main parts: the centre, "Opstal", "Briel" and "Opdorp". This cycling route of 35km runs besides the city boundaries and brings you to the cities of Londerzeel and Opwijk. It is also possible to take a short cut so it's only 25 km.

Check out the map.

Faluintjes route
The Faluintjes route is a cycling tour of approximately 45 km in the Faluintjes-region: Baardegem, Herdersem, Meldert and Moorsel. It's a quiet route in rural areas. A disadvantage of this route is that the roads aren't always in the best of conditions. We rent out decent, comfortable bicycles.

Check out the Faluintjes route.

The Carnaval of Aalst: World Heritage

The city of Aalst is located between Brussels and Ghent. It's THE Carnaval city of Belgium. UNESCO acknowledged Aalst Carnaval as being part of the World's Heritage in the year 2010. The Carnaval of Aalst is from Sunday until the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and this on a yearly basis. However Aalst is worth a visit any day of the year. Aalst has some beautiful old buildings which are also part of the World's Heritage like the Belltower for example. In the inner city you can find a lot of cafés and restaurants. If you prefer a cultural night out we recommend the cultural centre "De Werf".


Dendermonde is the house of 'Ros Beiaard'. This wooden horse and the ceremony that goes with it also belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. Be sure to visit the Main Square which is completely car-free and surrounded by Medieval buildings and houses in neotraditional style. For more information visit the Tourist Office of Dendermonde.