Healthy roses live longer

The third generation rose growers

Father and Grandfather De Ridder were rose growers. Today Stefaan De Ridder (third generation) is taking over this trade. La Vie en Roses has chosen to grow healthy roses. This means hardly any pesticides, but great care for the plants and flowers instead.

Direct distribution

Private customers are very welcome at La Vie en Roses on Wednesdays from 2 pm until 5 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am until 4 pm. At La Vie en Roses you are sure to get healthy roses and lovely kinds of roses. On top of that you get excellent advice in how to grow some lovely roses in your own garden.

Taking care of roses

Would you like for your roses to last longer? Use the following tips:

  1. Plant your roses with their bare roots between November and March, preferably November. The ground is still warm and manipulative. In pots however, you can plant them all year long.
  2. Use enough calcium to keep the pH balanced. Spread it before winter.
  3. Do not trim the roses before the winter. Trim them between February and March. Avoid the frosty periods. Trimmed rosebushes have stronger and more beautiful roses.
  4. Use plenty of fertilizer from March until April. Choose slow working fertilizer with N-P-K formulae.


It is possible to get a tour of the rose nursery and the rose garden at any time including advice about growing roses and the care they need. Maybe you will see some rare specimens that you would like to purchase.